05 09 2019


“Our environment and for your health, we should prefer organic products.”

Why don't you do yourself and the mother earth a favor by using organic items ? Because, we are killing our soil by supporting conventional agriculture, we are contaminating the soil with one cup of ( approximately 100 gr) insecticides to grow the cotton that is needed to make one basic t-shirt, the toxic chemicals sprayed into the air is absorbed by the soil and the groundwaters, we are destroying the natural life, the agricultural workers are prone to pesticide poisoning, vomiting, memory loss, lack of coordination and lung cancer, carbofuran used during the spraying causes the death of approximately 2 million birds annually (EPA), these chemicals are affecting our health even if we ignore them, being exposed to pesticides might cause birth defects, reproductive disorders and weakened immune system, we do not consider in what way the products we buy are produced, and we ignore the damages to the environment caused during the production, However, our families' and our own health, the productivity of the mother earth is in our hands.. You can make a big difference with a small change...